RunScore Revision History (contained in latest full build RunScoreSetup.exe)

You can fetch the SampleRaces, the Advanced Sample Races, and Common the directory. The Common directory contains the latest AgeGrade files, USATF Performance Guideline (*.TAC) files, and the USA ZIP code file. These links are provided if you want to fetch the sample races or common files and don't want to do a complete download.

In April 2015 Steven Keith created a new ZIP code file that includes all ZIP/Postal Codes for the US and Canada. Warning, it is very large. Also, you will have to change your ZIP/Postal Code field from five characters to seven characters. You can fetch here

In February 2015, the AgeGrade tables were updated. Here are links to the 2015 tables and the 2010 tables for RunScore.

RunScore API (Application Programming Interface) examples: for use with Microsoft Visual Studio C++ or C++ Express.

Steven Keith's RunScore Basics is a great document to help you get started with RunScore.

RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2016.11.28

RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2016.04.26

RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2016.01.23

  • Steve Stone pointed out that if he assigned bibs in RunScore, the changed records did not get flagged as changed so did not get uploaded to RunSignUp. Fixed.
  • Changed upload blocksize for RTRT uploads from 2000 to 500 to make the uploads more reliable.
  • When opening a file from within RunScore, the file types *.lst, *.rsm, *.txt are provided. Have added *.ini.
  • Updated the Sample races with new field "Name" which is the concatenation of "First Name" and "Last Name". Makes listing simpler and allows uploading of "Name" to results as one field.
  • Natalie Young pointed out that if she created a race series in RunSignUp that started in 2015 and finished in 2016, only the 2015 events could be downloaded. Fixed.
  • Have made an improvement that users have been asking for to the RunScore Results incremental upload capability. Before you could only designate one file to do incremental uploads as the race is going. Now you can have multiple files active.
  • Jon Krupa requested the ability to name the splits in a TFRRS race. Done. Just use the "Field Header" command to name the split.
  • added to list of supported registrations sites
  • Jenna Ginsberg requested the ability to concatenate two fields together and put them in a third field but without a space between them. This can now be done by putting "Space (tab) 0" before the "Selected Value" commands.
  • RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2015.09.02

    RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2015.04.28

    This version is a merge of RunScore Results, Version and RunScore Version to create RunScore Version

    What does this mean? It means that from now on, whenever you use RunScore to interact with the RunSignUp site, you will be using the RunScore Results. Also, uploading and downloading registrations at both RunSignUp and ChronoTrack Live have gotten easier. We eliminated "Sync with server" and replaced it with a very easy way to download changes from the system and upload changes made in RunScore to the system.

    The RSRServer and RSRClient (RunScore Results server and client) have been retired. The new modules have the same name as the old ones. If you think you may want to go back to Version, save it. Or you can do a complete download using RunScoreSetup.exe to revert to

    View the short video on the main RunScore page: which highlights features of this new integration. Also on the main page is a document showing how to allow each runner to see themselves crossing the finish line on a YouTube video.


    RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2015.03.31

    RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2015.02.23

    RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2014.07.14

    RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2014.03.01

    SMS Prefix field (tab) Mobile prefix

    RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2013.11.12

    Bib or Chip          Bib
    Bib or Chip          Chip

    RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2013.05.03.

    RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2012.12.02.

    RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2012.07.19

    RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2012.04.27

    RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2012.01.16

        Select Event (tab) SPLIT1
        GE (tab) FINISH

    RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2011.07.21

    Version Level 2011.07.02 RunScore client/Server

    RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2011.04.07

    Version Level 2011.01.12 RunScore client/Server

    c:\runscore\rsserver.exe sampleraces\sample\entries /startup=announce.lst


    c:\runscore\client\rsclient.exe /startup=announce.lst

    c:\runscore\client\rsclient.exe /startup=announce.lst /address=MyDesktop /port=33000

    c:\runscore\client\rsclient.exe /startup=announce.lst /address=MyDesktop /port=33000 /login=Announcer

    Version Level 2010.11.19 RunScore client/Server

    Version Level 2010.09.12 RunScore client/Server

    Version Level 2010.06.27 RunScore client/Server

    Version Level 2010.06.23 RunScore client/Server

    Version Level 2010.03.21 RunScore client/Server

    Version Level 2010.02.20 RunScore client/Server

    Version Level 2010.01.11 RunScore client/Server

    Version Level 2010.01.03 RunScore client/Server

    Version Level 2009.12.06 RunScore client/Server

    Version Level 2009.11.25, RunScore Client/Server

    Version Level 2009.11.25, RunScore Client/Server

    Version Level 2009.11.20, RunScore Client/Server

    Version Level 2009.10.07, RunScore Client/Server

    Version Level 2009.07.20, RunScore Client/Server

    Version Level 2009.05.29, RunScore Client/Server

    Version Level 2009.04.05, RunScore client/Server

    Version Level 2009.01.08, RunScore client/Server

    Version Level 2008.12.05, RunScore client/Server

    Version Level 2008.10.21, RunScore client/Server

    Version Level 2008.09.16, RunScore client/Server

    Version Level 2008.07.28, RunScore client/Server

    Version 7.0 Level 2008.06.21, RunScore client/Server

    Version 5.0 circa 2000, RunScore for Windows

    October 2001: RunScore reviewed in Road Race Management.

    Version ?? circa 1997

    Version ?? circa 1992

    August 1986: RunScore demonstrated at Road Runners Club of America meeting in Portland, ME

    Version 1.0 1985, RunScore for DOS