RunScore Downloads

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These files are the full program files for RunScore Server, RunScore Client, and the last version of RunScore for Windows.  The "RunScoreSetup.exe" is the primary installation file to install both the RunScore Server and the RunScore Client into the RunScore directory.  You can use the Custom option during installation to select which portions that you want to install and other choices.  The "RSClientSetup.exe" file is a simple and smaller file to install just the Client on a machine to work with the Server.  The "RSWSetup.exe" is the last version of RunScore for Windows for all those wishing to continue using the last version of RunScore for Windows.

RunScoreSetup.exe Full RunScore installation, current formal release 3.3 MB
RSClientSetup.exe Runscore Client only, installation (free download and installation/use) .6 MB
RSWSetup.exe The last formal release of the non client/server Runscore version (2008.06.19). No further updates to this version will be performed. 3.2 MB

AgeGrade files, USA Zipcode database, and a sample of the Checksex files are included in the RunScoreSetup