About RunTime Software

RunScore, created and distributed by RunTime Software LLC, is one of the world’s most popular race-scoring software, used to score and time road races, triathlons, and cross-country races. In addition to providing support to its many customers, RunTime Software interacts with manufacturers and distributors of all the major timing equipment available in order to integrate RunScore with these systems.

RunTime Software is the parent company of RunScore. Until 2014 it was a sole proprietor business at which time it became a single-member LLC. In 2017, it was converted to a multi-member LLC with members: Alan Jones, President; Steven Keith aka “Kei”, customer support. For more information on the team, click here: Team.

In March 2019, RunScore was acquired by registration company Race Roster.

When choosing a partner, it was important that there was a shared vision of keeping RunScore accessible to timers, registration companies, and chip/tag systems. The idea of having multiple companies in the market competing to build the best solutions for timers was also a motivator. Race Roster is aligned with this vision, and will work with Steven “Kei” Keith, Steve Delahunty, and Alan Jones to support RunScore, and ensure that the platform is well funded and stable for years to come. We have the utmost faith in Race Roster and look forward to supporting RunScore with their team. To see the official announcement from Race Roster, please click here.