RunScore is an amazing program that allows you to time any race from a simple 5K race to a multiple-day ultra. You can even time someone participating in multiple events on the same day using the same race folder. RunScore is amazingly flexible and easy to change, especially if the race director changes their mind on the morning of the event. The only limitation is the timer’s imagination. I’ve been using RunScore for quite some time. I always feel confident that I can meet the race director’s needs when I use RunScore.

– Steven Finkelstein, Phoenix

I’ve been using RunScore for so long now I can’t remember when I started, but it must have been in the 1980s some time. In all those years I’ve never had a scoring situation that couldn’t be handled by RunScore, and I’ve run across some really crazy ones! RunScore’s flexibility is what makes it so valuable, and I can’t imagine being in the race timing business without it. Another thing I like about it may be a bit unique to me, but as someone with wrist tendonitis problems from using a computer mouse I really like the fact that I can do almost everything in RunScore with keyboard shortcuts. I rarely have to touch the mouse when using RunScore. And those shortcuts are a lot faster than mousing, too, which really is helpful when you’re working at a high-pressure, time-critical event. Finally I want to commend Alan on how responsive he has been over the years with support and enhancement requests. I can’t count the number of times I’ve suggested a fix or an enhancement and had it done and in my hands later that day. The RunScore community, especially Kei, has been invaluable as well. I look forward to using RunScore for many more years to come!

– Bill Teschek, Granite State Race Services

Sportstats have been using RunScore since we started in 1991.  More than 25 years later and 800 events/year we are still using RunScore. The flexibility of the software as well as the constant updates and support make it the ideal software of choice for our team of 100+ employees world wide.  We currently use the software in 24+ countries every year.    We currently use RunScore to score all Ironman events in North America including the Ironman World Championship in Hawaii since 2004. We have not encountered an event yet were we can’t make RunScore work for us.   We are looking forward to many more years of RunScore. Thank you, Alan Jones!

– Marc Roy, Sportstats, Ottawa, Canada

HAL Sports prides itself on scoring events in a proactive manner. We would not be able to do so without the power and flexibility of RunScore.  From timing complicated ultra endurance events, national championships, multi-sport events, to complex scoring configurations, RunScore has been able to handle it all without fail.  The beauty of RunScore is its logic and programming base, plus the many decades of knowledge base from timers all over the country built right in to handle all the type of events HAL Sports is involved with.  If a race director can dream it, RunScore can do it.

– Lonnie Somers, HAL Sports

RunScore allowed me to make a decent living in the sport that I loved for the 30 years that I used it. My only qualification was being able to run faster than most people my age. Thanks, Alan.

– John Boyle, Alta Vista Sports