Are there any special steps when installing RunScore?

When installing RunScore on a computer, you may get the message that you cannot install because you are not the administrator. If this happens, you must first download the installation program, RunScoreSetup.exe, to your computer.  From the web, you can click on the link for RunScoreSetup.exe, and select “Save,” not “Run”.  You then can save the file to your Desktop or a folder on one of your hard drives.  Next, go to the location that you saved this file on your computer, and right-click on RunScoreSetup.exe, and select “Run as Administrator”. DO NOT try to “Run” RunScoreSetup.exe on the web page.

Do I need a license to use RSClient?

There is no license fee to use RSClient. It is only of use when connected to RSServer.

What are the system requirements for RunScore for Windows?

If your system can run Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8, or 10, then it can run RunScore.

How do I install RunScore on a computer which is not attached to the Internet?

Download the RunScoreSetup.exe file to a thumb drive and move the thumb drive to the scoring computer.

How much does RunScore cost?

New RunScore customers: $400. If you’re upgrading from the current RunScore version, it’s $150.

What’s the best way to get times into the computer?

With an external timer such as the Time Machine, TimeTech, Chronomix, Palm Pilot with PocketTimer, or a chip system such as ChampionChip, Ipico, RFID, race|result, or MyLaps. You can still use the internal timer function on your machine, or even type them in by hand, but the use of external timers can make your race easier to score and much faster to reduce.

Can I use a laptop?

Yes, but you should attach an external keyboard. A good typist does not like to type on a laptop keyboard. Also, you can take advantage of the numeric keypad on a regular keyboard or some of the new external keypads through USB ports.

Do I need a bar code reader?

Only for large races that are not chip/tag timed. For races of a few hundred, a person who can touch-type on the numeric keyboard can probably beat a bar code reader.

What kind of bar code reader is best?

The laser gun ones are best. Do not get the wand type that you stroke across the printed bar code. They are too slow. You don’t need a bar code reader with memory since you will want to read directly into RunScore so that you know right away if there is a problem such as a number that is not in the database.

Can RunScore print bar codes?

Yes. But it might be better to purchase bib numbers with bar codes on them.

Can I bar code the runners’ numbers as they cross the finish line?

No.  The runners cross very rapidly and having someone there to slow them down to scan the barcode usually makes things unmanageable. There is no way to get them all and even the ones you get will not reflect the correct time due to the delay between when the runner crosses the finish line and the time you scan the bib. You should also not try to scan the bibs at the exit of the finish chute. It is best to collect the bar code tags on a stringer and take them to the computer. In this way you can resolve problems that could not be resolved at the exit of the finish chute.

Can I use more than one computer to score a race?

RunScore is designed to be used with a simple TCP/IP connection to connect RSClient to RSServer with or without an established LAN or Peer-to-Peer Network.

Can I install RunScore on multiple computers?

Yes. Your paid license allows you to install RunScore on as many computers as you like.