These files are the full program files for RunScore Server, RunScore Client, and the last version of RunScore for Windows as well as the RunScore update. The “RunScoreSetup.exe” is the primary installation file to install both the RunScore Server and the RunScore Client into the RunScore directory.  You can use the Custom option during installation to select which portions that you want to install and other choices.  The “RSClientSetup.exe” file is a simple and smaller file to install just the Client on a machine to work with the Server.

We have removed the need for the RunScoreUpdate.exe. You will now only find RunScoreSetup.exe and RSClientSetup.exe on the RunScore website. To update your version of RunScore you can now just use the RunScoreSetup.exe and it will update your program. You will get a choice to reinstall sample races, you can choose not to install these if you would prefer a quicker install.

By downloading these files, you are agreeing to the RunScore Terms and Conditions.
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AgeGrade files, USA Zipcode database, and a sample of the Checksex files are included in the RunScoreSetup file.

Other downloads

Sample races

You can fetch the SampleRaces, the Advanced Sample Races, and the Common directory. The Common directory contains the latest AgeGrade files, USATF Performance Guideline (*.TAC) files, and the USA ZIP code file. These links are provided if you want to fetch the sample races or common files and don’t want to do a complete download.

How to create a thumb drive for race diector

Steven Keith has documented how to create a thumb drive that you can give a race director to type in entries without having to install RunScore on the RD’s computer.

ZIP Code database

In April 2015 Steven Keith created a new ZIP code file that includes all ZIP/Postal Codes for the US and Canada. Warning, it is very large. Also, you will have to change your ZIP/Postal Code field from five characters to seven characters. You can fetch here

RunScore API

RunScore API (Application Programming Interface) examples: for use with Microsoft Visual Studio C++ or C++ Express and testrs.

AgeGrade tables

In 2020, the AgeGrade tables were updated. Here are links to the 2020 tables for RunScore.

 NCAA TFRRS Cross-Country posting

Documentation on how to use RunScore with NCAA/DirectAthletics TFRRS-XC: TFRRS-RunScore.pdf.