RunScore Future


Alan Jones began writing software for running races in 1970. RunScore was first released in 1985. This allowed the timer to stop using tongue depressors and colored dot age-group awards. However, it did mean the timer was spending much of the week before a race typing in entries from mailed-in registration forms. Then came online registration sites. Now registrations could be downloaded with a click of the mouse and results uploaded. Soon finishers were looking at their phone right after crossing the finish line to see their time.

As a timer, take a step back and think about what RunScore has meant to you. For many of you it is one of the tools that has provided your main source of income. Can you put a dollar figure on that?

Alan has operated RunTime Software as a “hobby business.” He has always enjoyed supporting and improving RunScore and intends to continue doing so as long as he can and as long as he enjoys doing so.

Looking ahead

RunTime Software, LLC is the company which owns RunScore. Until 2017, it was a sole-member LLC with Alan as the single member.

But now, in anticipation of the time when he will no longer be involved with RunScore, he realizes some changes need to be made. RunTime Software, LLC has been converted to a three-member LLC with new members Steven Keith aka “Kei” and Steve Delahunty. You can see photos and bios at the Team page of Kei and Steve. The intention is that, once Alan leaves the company, Steve and Kei will continue to develop and support RunScore. In order to make this possible, RunTime Software will need a better financial business plan and revenue to pay for the costs of continued support and maintenance.

Part of this plan is an increase in the purchase price and yearly update fee now. A $50 yearly update fee will not allow RunScore to survive. Other timing software companies charge from $150 to $600 per year. The new purchase price is $400 and the yearly update/support fee is $150. These prices will increase more in the future to the point that the business is sustainable.

It is important to realize that the yearly fee not only covers the updates but also covers the support that comes with it. RunTime software has always been proud of its user support.

We will honor the “lifetime licenses” we sold some years ago but will ask those timers to contribute to RunScore’s financial future. We no longer offer a lifetime license.

You can help RunScore grow by promoting the program. Here is how you can help:

  • Write an endorsement. Tell the world how RunScore has become an integral part of your operation. Send to and we will post them on the Endorsements page.
  • Send us photos of your operation. We will put them on the RunScore Timer Photos page.
  • Do you have race setups that you think could be helpful to other timers? If you do, send us a zipped race folder along with a brief description. One of the listing files must be called Readme describing how to use the template. When you send them, we will post them on the Race Templates page.

We are looking forward to this next chapter in the life of RunScore as we continue to innovate and support the many timers using the product. We welcome you to join us on the journey.