Alan Jones, President

(Photo courtesy Bob LaFontaine)

Alan scored his first race in real time with a computer in 1970. He has been writing software ever since for scoring and timing running races and triathlons. RunScore was created in 1985. Click here for his bio.

Steven Keith, Customer Support

Stephen Keith, better known as Kei, has been helping with RunScore support since 1993. Kei’s company, Results Events Timing, is located in the panhandle of Florida and has timed hundreds of races over the past 20 years with RunScore. He is committed to continuing to support the RunScore community. In the above photo of his team, Kei is in the center-back.

Steve Delahunty, Chief Technology Officer

Steve is a life-long runner and technologist. He is a professional software developer who has worked at companies such as Intel, Digital Equipment Corporation, Hewlett Packard, SeaChange Systems, Thermo Fisher Scientific, and Extreme Networks. Most recently, Steve established his own company that’s dedicated to developing products and services for the racing community. The company is called Lightbox and consists of custom built digital race clocks, on-site servers and kiosks, and an on-line registration platform. In addition, Steve has developed the iResultsConnector which is a windows application that integrates with RunScore and provides a very easy-to-use mechanism for sending results to the cloud where they can be viewed on-line or on-site via kiosks and walk-up display systems. More information about this can be found at Steve started helping to improve RunScore in 2016 and will continue adding new features, fixing bugs and is committed to providing on-going support to the RunScore platform.