The following updates will be included in the next major release after further testing. You may use these updates to try the new functions, but understand that all problems may not have been found and corrected at this time. Use at your own risk.

Also note that you can download as many updates or new versions of RunScore as you like for a year after you obtain a license. If you download after that, you will receive a pop-up telling you that you must renew your license.

All installation files are on the Downloads page and only the incremental updates to RSServer/RSClient are on this page.  RSServer and/or RSClient must already be installed to use these update files.

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RunScoreUpdate.exeRunScore Client & Server - latest update for testing6.5 MB

RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2021.03.17

  • Latest Release
  • This release changes the cumulative time in output of laps race to default format (no fractional seconds). A timer requested requested that the time format used for cumulative times be the same as for split times, i.e. H:MM:SS

RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2021.02.02

  • This release updates the functionality of the “le number of laps” and “ge number of laps” commands to fix a bug that caused the laps not to be filtered correctly or display appropriate Time and Laps data as expected.

RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2021.01.13

  • This release implements a breaking change to how emails are sent to SendGrid due to a change in the SendGrid authentication protocol. RunScore timers who previously used a username and password to send emails through SendGrid will need to contact Support at support@runscore.com to be issued a new username and password with instructions for generating the required api_key that is now used to authenticate email requests to SendGrid through RunScore.

RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2020.12.02

  • This release includes a fix that prevents a deadlock situation from happening when a timer deletes results on the RunSignUp dashboard, but the result set will still be defined in the timer’s race folder.

RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2020.11.03

  • Adds new integration with the BlueBox external timing system
  • RunScore now supports the upload of custom fields to RunSignup. Prior to this change, when a timer did a native upload, only fields that RunSignUp knew about, e.g. “First Name” could be uploaded. By supporting custom fields, now any field can be handled.

RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2020.10.27

  • Timers reported that they were experiencing greater RunScore instability and crashes especially during live races. The cause was traced back to a minor update to the screen refresh rate. This update strictly removes that earlier change.

RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2020.10.21

  • Adds support for RunSignUp custom fields
  • Fixes minor issue that could cause RunScore to hang when initializing a timer
  • Fixes a minor issue that could cause incomplete downloading of participants from when parsing empty or bad input data
  • Removes extraneous RunScore Results login

RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2020.10.05

  • Resolves an issue where a timer received a null error message when uploading results to the TFRRS system. This was caused by a TFRRS ID of one runner that had an extra character (hex ‘A0’) at the end of the id.
  • Minor update to the RunScore logos on server and client
  • Downloading registrations from RunSignUp with an exceptionally long questions caused the question not to be mapped correctly. This has been fixed.
  • Removes the extraneous RunScore Results login protocol (no longer needed)

RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2020.09.17

  • Fixes an issue discovered when timers reported that they were unable to open the sample race files.
  • Adds new functionality to natively handle lap races
  • When selecting to view the timer dashboard at Race Roster, the command now takes you directly to the dashboard

RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2020.08.25

  • Product or Swag mapping from Race Roster was incomplete. This update allows timers to fully map their swag items and options in RunScore.
  • Eventbrite has changed their API to manage users with organizations. RunScore was updated to meet these specifications
  • Fix to include “location” in Results when using the RunScore Open Interface
  • “RunScore Results” is now a deprecated term. References to it have been removed from RunScore. No change in functionality.
  • Fix minor refresh issue when updating an entry in the Browse or  Result window
  • Minor change to insert blanks in non-team-scoring places in cross-country results (when format is JSON)
  • Minor change to remove word ‘rate’ from tri results if no time.
  • Minor change to fix the added “.00” problem in pace for custom report
  • Update to Adding Auto login feature

RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2020.06.30

  • new feature: Controls added to allow user to set Results screen color and font
  • update: allow the download pop-up to be minimized
  • Added new if statements to incorporate the new colors as well as made the changes to the help manual to display those changes.
  • update: RunScore manual adds the Race Roster API information
  • fixes a minor issue that was causing a crash while processing bibs
  • fixes a minor issue that caused a crash when inserting bibs
  • adds age-grade files for 2020

RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2020.04.29

  • introduces new command to set awards being uploaded to Race Roster to record values as “Chip Time” (C)
  • fixes a minor display bug when inserting a new bib in the results screen

RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2020.04.21

  • new feature:  Background and font colors for the entries screen can be set in the entries.ini file
  • following a timer request, participant sorting now sorts blank entries to the bottom

RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2020.04.14

  • new feature:  RunScore now integrates with Macsha Timing Systems
  • new feature: awards can now be uploaded with results to Race Roster
  • adds tcpserver crash fix from Alan
  • updates the help manual
  • fixes browse/edit fields/right-justify problem.
  • fixes problem in RunScore Open Interface (RSBI). This change allows sorting up and sorting down in Browse
  • fixes issue that can cause a crash during client-server communication
  • adds the ability to accept a true or false from a registration platform API
  • implements various changes to improve the stability and memory management of RunScore as a result of reported crashes by timers
  • fixes a bug causing bib tags to not be read correctly
  • fixes a bug with listing file print behaviour after uploading awards to Race Roster
  • In response to feedback provided by the timing community, RunScore has now added five (5) new colours for listing files

RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2019.12.05

  • We have improved the resilience of the connectivity between the RS client and server
  • We have made a number of changes to improve the security of API communication
  • We have improved the RunScoreUpdate.exe installer to include all required BugSplat files
  • This release implements a number of improvements to memory management to improve the stability of RunScore server

RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2019.11.06

  • We resolved a crash related to browsing the List View.
  • We resolved a crash that can occur for Windows 7 users when the latest updates haven’t been installed.
  • We resolved a crash when RunScore would try and attempt to log into an Online Race System.
  • We have fixed a bug related to RunScore trying to process an empty event from a Race which would result in a crash.
  • We resolved a crash related to reloading bib numbers & trimming spaces for fields in the Browse window.
  • This release resolves an issue related to right justification (text alignment) of fields in the Browse window.
  • This release incorporates multiple optimizations and stability fixes.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2019.10.24
  • This release resolves a crash in team places when working with team places if invalid data is indexed
  • This release resolves an issue where it was possible to get a crash when navigating through a listing file
  • This release resolves an issue where a crash could occur when sending output to RaceRoster online
  • This release resolves a possible issue when scrolling through a listing file
  • This release selects the first event in the dialog box as default to prevent a possible crash if none selected
  • This release resolves an issue where the upload box could remain open after registrations have competed uploading
  • There was also an issue with the browse field that in certain cases caused the right-justify field to flip to left when editing
  • This release also adds numerous improvements to memory management to prevent crashes and improve the stability and resilience of RunScore
  • This release makes several performance and resilience improvements to RunScore
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2019.10.10
  • This release implements a solution for saving updates to records directly from the Browse->EditField dialog. This issue was not fully resolved in version
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2019.10.08
  • This release resolves an issue that occurred during incremental download that caused subsequent events to not download results correctly after the first event was downloaded.
  • This release also resolves an issue that caused a crash after a race was automatically opened after being saved under a different name or to a new location through RunScore.
  • This release also resolves an issue that occurred sometimes when the browse database view was open while doing other tasks in RunScore.
  • This release also resolves an issue where the variable used to identify which race this is in the RunSignUp database for RunScore races (RS Races) is interpreted by RunSignUp as a registrant in the RS Races race.
  • This release also resolves an issue where the left-margin command was not working in Team Score.
  • This release makes several performance and improvements to RunScore
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2019.10.02
  • This release adds functionality to automatically refresh RunSignUp sessions to prevent errors caused by sessions timing out.
  • This release makes several performance and improvements to RunScore
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2019.09.05
  • This release makes several performance and improvements to RunScore
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2019.08.30
  • This release added a fix to a bug that was causing races larger than one thousand registrants to not be downloaded completely form RunSignUp.
  • It also added afix to an issue that was occasionally happening on the client and causing it to crash.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing the header sent to RunSignUp’s API to have extra fields.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2019.08.27
  • This release gets rid of merge mode. Now it just uses mapping ini file in race folder
  • At request of Adam Shelton, retain sub-events selected for download of RaceRoster race. When mapping registration system to RunScore fields, if user selects “Cancel” or “Ignore all remaining fields”, nothing happened. Fixed. This was tough since it is done in recursive code processJsonTree and processJsonValue.
  • Also RaceRoster teams and team types are now included as part of participant downloads
  • Also sorting of search fields now sorts blanks to the bottom of the column
  • Minor UI Update to normalize the height of the search field in the Browse window
  • Fixed a minor issue with some runs not being visible on the TFRRS website
  • General coding improvements
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2019.08.07
  • This release makes some changes to improve the usability of BugSplat.
  • It also resolves legacy warnings for a few external libraries.
  • It also resolves a few client issues that were reported through the crash reporting tool.
  • It also includes a check to ensure that a race has been opened before displaying the online menu.
  • It also includes a check to the sort algorithm to handle equality between generated floating-point numbers.
  • It also includes early work on functional testing
  • There was an issue with the close all windows functionality that caused the race to be closed as well.
  • It has been updated to allow for all the windows to be closed while keeping the race open.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2019.07.15
  • Jenna Ginsberg reported unexpected behavior when she had a long, complicated E2D on autorun. We modified the behavior of BugSplat to suppress Hang Detection.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2019.07.09
  • We implemented BugSplat crash reporting and hang-detection to RunScore Server and Client.  Future crash reports can be optionally sent by the user to help the team better diagnose and fix issues.
  • We resolved some legacy warnings in the RunScore libraries
  • We fixed a bug that caused a crash when a download was attempted with a results screen open
  • We fixed a bug that caused a crash when obtaining reads from ChronoTrack Live Fusion
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2019.06.03
  • Art Stockman asked us to remove the “success” pop-up after an upload to Race Roster because it created a problem when using auto-run. Done. “Success” message added to status line.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2019.05.30
  • Some users found they had to login again when uploading results. Fixed.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2019.05.27
  • Jenna Ginsberg requested that upon import, if a CSV file has a null header, that the corresponding data be ignored. Done. Steven Keith feels this will be a big help for him so that he can delete any headers of data he does not want to import.
  • John Kinnicutt requested that Auto Refresh, while editing results, be turned off. Done. This keeps incoming results from messing you up while editing.
  • Mark Iverson requested that RunScore support RunSignUp registrations in a “Super Event”. When a person registers for a super event, that person is automatically registered for all sub-events. For example, a race might have a 5K and a 10K and wants to have a registration class called, say, BOTH that allows a participant to register for both at the same time. Done.
  • Brad Pickle reported that RunScore was not handling custom questions in Race Roster. Fixed.
  • Jamie Orr reported that Team Relay results would not upload to RunSignUp as a custom/RunScore Results report. Fixed.
  • Steven Keith and others reported that when uploading RunScore Results, the name of the event in the RunSignUp drop down list of events, often had garbage characters. Fixed.
SServer/RSClient Version Level 2019.05.05
  • Clifford Bruce reported crashes while running a Team Relay listing. Fixed.
  • We discovered that at least one license key from 2007 or before was still acting as a valid key. Fixed
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2019.05.01
  • Jenna Ginsberg reported frequent crashes on races that did not crash using a 2018 version of RunScore. More importantly, she provided a test case that would always produce the crash. That allowed us to find and fix the problem. We feel this fix will make RunScore more robust.
  • At request of Jenna Ginsberg, provided a way to terminate the Announce on-screen keyboard when a physical keyboard is not attached. This is done by entering the bib number “987654”.
  • In 2018, Windows Defender began declaring that the RunScore installation files contained a virus. This was fixed by having a DigiCert digital certificate applied to the files. Now that Race Roster has purchased RunScore, they have obtained a signing certificate from DigiCert. The only difference you will see is that during installation, “RunTime Software, LLC” has been replaced with “Fast North Corp.” Fast North is the parent company of Race Roster.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2019.04.25
  • Christian Lizier requested that a “Delete” key be added to the Announce keyboard where runners can type in their bib number and see and/or print out their results. Too often the runner makes an error but there was no backup/delete key. There is now. Christian also pointed out that there was no way to close the Announce screen without reverting to the physical keyboard. There is now a “Close” key.
  • At request of Adam Shelton, made change to allow user, at run time, to enter a “Message” command by putting a question mark where the message text would normally appear.
  • Improvements have been made to the integration with Race Roster. You can now, with one click, go to the race dashboard or the race results screen directly from RunScore.
  • To upload external/custom results to ChronoTrack Live, RunSignUp, or Race Roster, you do a right-click and send the results to the online site. Several timers have requested this be extended so that the right-click is not needed. In that way, the listing could be run automatically at a set time interval. This is done by adding the command: “External Report to” followed by the system: ChronoTrack Live, RunSignUp, or Race Roster.
  • At request of Clifford Bruce, an improvement was made in the formatting of team relay reports.
  • Also at request of Clifford Bruce, add new command, “No splits” to the Team Relay support to leave the splits off of the report.
  • Improved upload of results to Active Works.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2019.03.10
  • Sylvan Smyth, Sportstats Canada and Marek Blazek, APACHI Spain, each found different problems in lap races that use the pre-event feature. Fixed.
  • Add capability to create an Active Works race and upload results to that race. See under Table of Contents/Online.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2019.03.04
  • At request of Bill Teschek, improved Proper Case handling. Now it produces an initial capital letter after ‘(‘ like you might if a person adds a nickname. Also handle titles II and III.
  • Jenna Ginsberg found that a label printer did not print from RSClient if the label was to print a logo. The problem was introduced since early December 2018. Fixed.
  • Jenna Ginsberg also uncovered a problem that was introduced in Version when handling long custom variables. Fixed.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2019.02.20
  • At request of Debbie Burke, have moved the fields mapping file, CTLive_fields_mapping.ini, into the race folder out of the c:\runscore folder. This helps when moving a race folder since the mapping file will now move with the folder instead of staying in the c:\runscore folder.
  • At request of Jenna Ginsberg, have added time filtering to the Event to Database commands Laps Completed and Distance Completed. This is helpful when, say, timing a race where the race director wants to know how many laps a competitor did each hour.
  • Add support for native connection to the race|result decoder. Use race|result device instead of the RunScore Open device. To use this, start the decoder in client mode. We tested this once by connecting remotely to a decoder of Jenna Ginsberg. We need some more testers. Let us know if this works for you or if it doesn’t.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2019.01.13
  • Adam Shelton requested an improvement to Incremental Run. Incremental Run lets you run a listing file whenever new results arrive in an event. You get to select the event when you right-click on a listing. The improvement is a new selection, “All”. When “All” is selected, the file will run whenever a new passing is received from any of the events — but not including Select Events.
  • Fixed a problem for Adam Shelton that appeared when the number of characters in a custom variable was more than the width of the field in which it is used.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2018.12.03
  • Bill Teschek found that if a pre-event, say event-1, referred to, say, event-2 and event-2 was used as a pre-event for event-1, RunScore would get into a loop and crash. Steve Delahunty fixed the problem.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2018.10.28
  • Carl Magneson reported that the pre-event feature didn’t work on an event that was a round event. Fixed.
  • TFRRS reported that a timer uploaded race results that had blank characters at the beginning of the tfrrs_id. This was because the timer changed the TFRRS ID field to be right-justified. A change was made to RunScore to eliminate any initial blanks in any field.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2018.10.18
  • Quinton Jansen, Startline Sports, found that exporting times when there is no time in an event, caused strange very large times. The problem was that some of his events where STAGE1, etc. If an event starts with “STA”, RunScore assumes it is a scratch event. Change the test to “STAR”. Fixed.
  • Todd James, Marathon Schools, NY, reported that in cross-country races, team members from “Unatago” were handled as if they were unattached because the first three characters in the team name were “Una”. Fixed.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2018.10.07
  • Josh Merlis, ARE Event Productions, pointed out that the Average Lap Time field in Announce did not line up with the header. Fixed. Also, changed the time format so that it could display times under an hour (e.g. 12:34) and times over an hour (e.g. 12:34:56) in an easy-to-read format. Made same change to Last Lap Time field.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2018.10.01
  • Jon Krupa, Eclipse Timing, reported that in scoring a cross-country meet with splits, if there were runners who were recorded at a split but did not finish the race, they were counted as having finished, thus causing a problem with team placement. This does not affect the team score report — just the team place in the overall report. This caused a problem with both a RunScore report and a TFRRS report. Fixed.
  • Support for registration site GetMeRegistered was added in May but we neglected to mention it here in Updates.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2018.09.28
  • Gillian Bedrosian, Sportstats, Canada asked for a new Time Format: 0H:MM:SS.1. Done
  • Jon Krupa, Eclipse Timing, requested a change to handle check boxes in a RunSignUp race setup. Done. Before this change, the race director had to change any questions using check boxes to a question using radio buttons. With radio buttons, only one selection is allowed, whereas a check box question, can have multiple responses.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2018.09.22
  • We are removing the sample race TFRRSRace from the samples since TFRRSSimple is more complete and seems to cause people fewer problems. Thanks to Steven Keith for this improved race folder which he has used for several years.
  • Carl Magnuson reported that, in Browse, the @swap command was not working from RSClient. Fixed.
  • A new sample race has been added: XCAthleticNet. It contains a listing to create a CSV file for upload to athletic.net.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2018.08.29
  • Jenna Ginsberg reported that times coming from Race|Result through the RunScore Open Interface would be wrong if the the race date was different than the current date. Fixed.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2018.08.21
  • Jenna Ginsberg reported that if you use a Prompt command in a listing, you get a pop up with information on the filename and line. This is because it is treated as an error message. Fixed.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2018.08.20
  • Steve Stone suggested that auto-save be turned on as the default. If you don’t want RunScore to auto save the results, set the number of minutes in Preferences to zero.
  • Carl Magnuson suggested allowing parameters such as %a, %b, %A (for parameters past 9), be allowed in entries.ini. Up until now, only numerical parameters were allowed. They still work. Suggested change has been made.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2018.08.15
  • Brad Pickle reported that Rounds was not working if there was a non-round event between two events that have a rounds parameter specified. This problem was introduced with Version A further change was made to satisfy both requirements that (1) an intervening event does not stop the search and (2) if  round less than one already encountered is found, the search is stopped.
  • Jenna Ginsberg reported that an Event to Database operation handling a time of 0:00:00 was not being put in the database. A change was made to allow this but only for a start event.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2018.07.06
  • Stephen Keith pointed out that the Team Relay feature described in Version always displays the fastest leg. This makes no sense for a triathlon so the “Fastest Leg” feature has been removed.
  • The description of Team Place by the slowest team member has been improved.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2018.07.05
  • At request of Clifford Bruce, implemented Team Relay where the race is run as a lap race. The Team Relay feature was added several years ago but only worked in a “here-to-there” race format. To implement for a lap race, a new command, Team Laps to Rounds, was added. This feature is very flexible. A team member can run one or more legs and those legs do not have to be consecutive. Two new sample races, TeamRelay and TeamLapsRelay have been added which you can fetch from Downloads. Note: this new Team Lap Relay fashion is Beta code. We are looking for timers to try it out and report problems or suggestions.
  • Marek Blazek, Czech Republic, requested that, in a lap race, if two passings are “Less than” the “Lap Difference” setting, remove that lap. Before this change, the passings had to be “Equal to or less than” the setting.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2018.06.18
  • When the Impinj support was added in version, a bug was introduced that caused ChronoTrack data, when imported, to crash RunScore. Versions and should not be used.
  • At the request of Tim Roman, added some filtering to remove metadata lines from Ipico data.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2018.06.12
  • Adam Shelton reported that if a phone number had a space in it, an SMS message would not go out. This happened when sending a text message from a listing file. Fixed. It has always worked okay from an Announcer screen.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2018.06.05
  • At request of Mike Hall, add support for Impinj Speedway Revolution R420 Reader using Alan Harding‘s Bluebox Controller. It works by loading files produced by the Bluebox, not via TCP/IP.
  • At request of Craig Chiger add ability to download registration add-ons from RunSignUp.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2018.05.23
  • Improved error messages. You’ll really like this change. Steve Delahunty was watching someone scoring a race with RunScore when an error popped up saying there was a problem in one of the listing files. However, the message didn’t give the file name and line number so Steve fixed it. You now get both pieces of information. It didn’t work for “.include” files so Alan extended Steve’s work for that case.
  • Adam Shelton asked for an improvement to Twilio texting (SMS). He found if he sent too many messages within a short time, they would be tagged as spam. Twilio informed him that they have a method called Co-Pilot that can handle large numbers of messages. With help from Twilio Support and testing by Adam, it is now working. Read the documentation to see how to implement this new feature.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2018.05.11
  • At request of Carl Magnuson, make a change to how “not-found” numbers are handled in a select event. If the option “not-found numbers added to database” is active, RunScore used to add the new number to the database. Now it only adds to the database for non-select events. This is true if the times are coming in from an external timer such as the Time Machine or a hand selects from a chip/tag system.
  • Craig Chiger reported that downloads by event in RunSignUp were not working in Version We didn’t change anything but he reports they are working in this version.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2018.05.01
  • Michael Hall suggested that the Auto-Load method of loading chip/tag files be relaxed so that the files being read in no longer be restricted to file name ending in “_LOG.TXT”. This allows other chip/tag systems to work automatically as long as they have a middleware program that will provide the next file when the last one is erased by RunScore.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2018.04.29
  • Ken Racine reported that initializing external timers from RSClient caused RSClient to crash. This problem was introduced when the “Day Adjust” feature was added to the external timers dialog box. Fixed.
  • The RunScore downloads now contain an “Extended Verification Signed Certificate” registered to the Publisher “RunTime Software, LLC”. This means you will no longer get the warning message and then have to click on “Run anyway.” Instead you will see the popup: “Verified Publisher: RunTime Software, LLC”. This required an investigation by the certification company, DigiCert. We had to prove to them that we are who we say we are.
  • For the last month or so, some users have been getting false positives about the RunScoreUpdate.exe containing a virus. This happened to those timers who were using Windows Defender as their only anti-virus application. We submitted RunScoreUpdate.exe to Microsoft. They confirmed the false positives and have updated Windows Defender. If you have Windows Defender updated automatically, you are probably fine. You should be at 1.267.564.0 level or higher: dated April 30, 2018. John Braun and Christian Lizier have confirmed that, after updating Windows Defender, they no longer are getting the warning and the RunScore update proceeds.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2018.04.25
  • The fix in Version caused an old problem to reappear — When posting awards all finishers in a given age-group are reported instead of just few as specified. Reported by Bruce Walsh. Fixed.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2018.04.12
  • Jeannette MacDonald, Event Technical Services, reported that, when uploading RunScore Results to RunSignUp (not native results), only the first page was uploading. This problem was introduced in Version in December 2017. Fixed.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2018.04.10
  • Craig Chiger and others have reported problems displaying special characters such as those which can occur in Spanish names. Fixed. But if you still find some characters not displaying properly, let us know.
  • Don Piercy reported that, when assigning times, sometimes the times ending up in the event were 0.01 different than what was being assigned. We found a rounding problem in the code and fixed it.
  • Marek Blažek, Czech Republic, requested a command “LE Number of Laps” to include all runners regardless of how many laps they have run but, in addition, eliminate laps over the specified number. This helps solve the problem of runners who have finished the specified number of laps but are hanging around the finish mats.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2018.04.04
  • Latest stable version.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2018.04.02
  • Christian Lizier, Millennium Running, pointed out that SMS messages sent via SendInBlue contained the + character where a space should be. Fixed.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2018.03.23
  • Following request by Zack Loggins, add support for downloading Corporate Teams from RunSignUp.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2018.03.21
  • Santiago Sarmiento from Colombia, reported that when bringing passings in from a chip/tag system that had rounds specified, RunScore would continue looking for a matching event even if it encountered an event without a round specified. Fixed.
  • At the request of Jenna Ginsberg, added two new commands to listings: Add and Sub (or Subtract). They do the same as the @Add and @Sub commands in “Enter/Edit Results” but can be done in a listing. Add adds a given time to all times in the event and Sub or Subtract subtracts a given time.
  • Also, at the request of Jenna Ginsberg, we have provided a way to handle multi-day events by adding 24 hours to a chip/tag time for each day after the date specified in entries.ini. This is optional. You select it from the External Timer Initialization screen. At present it is only implemented for the RunScore Open interface but could be added for other systems when the day is not specified in the passing information.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2018.03.09
  • Working with Brad Pickle, made the SignMeUp support more robust.
  • Steven Keith aka “Kei”, working with Jeannette MacDonald, discovered that RunScore Results had a problem. If you uploaded awards and asked for a certain number in each category, all finishers in that category were in the report instead of just the number requested. Fixed.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2018.03.05
  • Steven Keith aka “Kei” spotted that a pre-event in the list of events was not retained after exiting and reopening RunScore if the pre-event  was farther down the list than the actual event. Fixed.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2018.03.01
  • Sylvan Smyth, Sportstats, Canada, requested that the “Maximum number of finishers” control in the “Edit Event” dialog box be limited to one million (1000000). Sportstats timers typically put as many 9s as they can in the box to generate a large number. This can cause problems. As requested, if the number is larger than a million, it is set to one million.
  • A change was made to the file runscore.css so that browser (html) pages do not wrap within a cell. If you want them to wrap, search for the parameter “nowrap” and remove that line.
  • Tom Plummer found that the control “GE Number of Laps” for a lap race was not working properly. Was showing results for participants that had not finished the specified number of laps. Fixed.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2018.02.25
  • Tony Newton asked for a time format to handle multi-day events. New format is: “DD-HH:MM:SS”
  • Jenna Ginsberg requested that time-filtering as specified in each event’s definition be used with: Merge Events and Import of bibs and times. Done.
  • Also at Jenna’s request, the resolution of the time-filtering settings was changed from one second to 0.01 seconds.
  • Christian Lizier asked for Multiply and Multiply By to work for times. Done.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2018.02.16
  • Found that when using Import Replace that the first field, typically bib, was being right-justified before the comparison even if the field was not a right-justified field. Fixed.
  • We have documented a method to convert an individual database to a team database. We have also added two new sample races as illustration: TriTestIndividuals and TriTestTeams. This method uses Import Replace.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2018.02.07
  • Latest stable version
  • Christian Lizier reported that if he made the first field (typically bib number) large, then RunScore would crash when opening up a results screen. A reason for making the first field large would be, for example, when creating a club database with the first field the last name. Fixed.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2018.02.04
  • Version introduced a bug that didn’t allow the manual import of chip/tag data (Ctrl-F9 or File/Load Chip File). Reported by Alan Higley and Steve Gajerski. 
  • Alan Higley reported that a CSV file was not importing correctly when first fields are blank. Fixed. Problem was introduced in Version
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2018.01.23
  • Minor internal change.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2018.01.16
  • It was reported by Steve Gajerski and Steven Finkelstein that Versions and later could not be installed on a Windows XP system. Fixed.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2018.01.15
  • Found Import Replace was replacing the entire record. It should leave unaffected records alone. Fixed
  • Improved Total command. Total appears at bottom of column but appeared at extreme left in HTML output. Fixed. Removed “Total:” at bottom of listing. Messes up and not needed.
  • Art Stockman found Laps Left field overlapping another field in Announce. Also, the field was using the default color instead of the specified color. Fixed.
  • John Luaces reported that RSClient would crash when he made the bib field 24 characters long. You might ask why he made it that long. He was using it as a chip field. In any case, this has been fixed.
  • Jenna Ginsberg requested that time filtering be done when doing a “Laps to Rounds” operation. That is, if time limits are set for the various rounds, those limits will be honored when moving the times from a lap-event to a round event.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2017.12.08
  • Sylvan Smyth reported that the change for control characters in Version caused some Thai characters to be eliminated. Also Camilo Serrano Idrovo reported that the Spanish character Ñ was being eliminated. Fixed.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2017.11.20
  • Greg McCormick reported a problem with the Contains command. Because of a bug, it was checking the proper field but also included the first character of that field in the next person in the database. Fixed.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2017.11.16
  • Latest stable release
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2017.11.08
  • Pat Leone did not like the pop-up being removed from the “Assign Numbers” command. He liked the confirmation. At Steve Delahunty’s suggestion, a new command, “Suppress pop-up” was implemented so the user has control over whether the pop-up appears or not.
  • Robert Youngs, Super Race Systems,  requested that control characters such as new-line be removed from imported CSV file. He had the case of a race director who sent him files with the new line character embedded within a field. All control characters are now excluded during an import.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2017.11.01
  • When downloading from RunSignUp, you don’t need a field to hold the registration_id for each entrant because it is stored in the external file race.ini. On the other hand, it doesn’t hurt to have the registration_id in the database.
  • Steven Keith has suggested the following fixes to the handling of the registration_ids in race.ini:
    • When an entry is deleted, the corresponding registration_id in race.ini was not deleted. Fixed.
    • When swapping two entries in browse, the corresponding registration_ids were not swapped. Fixed.
    • When doing a fresh download into an existing database that had been downloaded before, the entries are updated in the database but the old registration_ids in race.ini were erased. Fixed.
    • Now command “Sync to race.ini” will take the registration_ids from the RunScore database and distribute them in the race.ini file. This could be useful if you downloaded directly from RunSignUp to a csv file and then imported into RunScore since the race.ini file will not be populated unless you run this new command.
  • Steven Keith has been urging an improvement for many years. We finally implemented it. After an import or a download, the “Update all entries” feature is automatically run. This processes the entries.ini commands so that, for example, the Name field is filled with the first and last name and the DIV field is filled in.
  • New: Again at Steven Keith’s urging, a command has been added for comparing two different fields. For example, you might have an age field that the entrant provided and another that is computed from the date-of-birth. This new command is “Compare”.
  • Pat Leone and his team member, Tylor Knickerbocker, reported that the cross-country scoring did not handle the case of tie-breaking based on the sixth-place runner for the team when there was no sixth-place runner for both teams involved in the tie. As it turned out, in the case Pat sent, RunScore did handle the tie correctly but it was just by luck. We and Pat then did some research and found the rules for NIAA and high school tie-breaking were the same but were not implemented by RunScore. In this case, the total of the first four runners’ places are totaled to break the tie. This is now implemented in RunScore. It does not affect NCAA cross-country which has its own rule.
  • Christian Lizier, Millennium Timing, requested that the pop-up be removed that one gets when using the Assign Numbers command. We agreed that it is not needed since you get a message at the bottom of the Listings window telling you that the command completed. Done.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2017.10.20
  • If a participant changes their event on RunSignUp, an incremental download will put them in the right event on RunScore. When RunSignUp changes a participant’s event, it creates a new entry and marks the old one as deleted. When RunScore does an incremental download it first checks for deleted participants and then downloads any changes.
  • Christian Lizier, Millennium Timing, reported that he couldn’t enter an event name longer than 12 characters in the “Initialize External Timers” dialog box. This was extended to 23 characters.
  • Bob Muldoon, Harrier Race Management, pointed out that in cross-country scoring, he couldn’t get unattached runners removed from the scoring. The problem was that RunScore was not correctly testing for the word “Unattached”. It now is a case-insensitive test.
  • Steve Delahunty, RunTime Software, made a change to RunScore so that a listing file which is on auto-run, blinks to alert you to its status.
  • Because of a change in their web site address, SignMeUp registration downloads stopped working. Fixed.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2017.09.18
  • Rob Crawford, Sportstats, suggested an enhancement to the pre-event feature. This is to prevent participants who have finished their race from recording at later locations/points. For example, say a parent finishes their run and their time comes into an event called FINISH. Then they go to watch their kid run whose event is KIDS5K. If they get close to the kids’ finish line, they might record some passings. To prevent this, you designate FINISH to be a pre-event for KIDS5K and, in addition, check the [new] checkbox: Discard times that are later than the pre-event time.
  • Kyle Dunnack, The Last Mile Racing, asked us how to time a lap race where the first lap is shorter than the rest. We told him RunScore couldn’t handle it. This wasn’t a good enough answer for Steve Delahunty. Steve dove in and made changes to the RunScore code to allow you to enter two distances in the Lap Distance command. If there are two distances provided, the first one is the distance for the first lap and the second the distance for all subsequent laps. This is implemented for general reports — not for the Announce feature.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2017.09.10
  • Jenna Ginsberg reported that if she saves a record that has not changed in Enter Edit Names when Browse is open, she gets the “Record has changed. Do you want to save?” Fixed.
  • Jenna Ginsberg also pointed out that the lap-difference set in Edit Results was not being used. Only the one in entries.ini was. The one in entries.ini is a “global” lap difference. The one in an event applies only to that event. Fixed.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2017.09.03
  • The “No SMS warning” created in Version was not working. Reported by Jenna Ginsberg. Fixed.
  • Steve Delahunty made a change to avoid problems when using RunScore in Dropbox. Problem reported by Bill Teschek.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2017.08.31
  • Version had two bugs. Do not use if you use USAT ages or MyLaps tags. These have been fixed in this version.
    • A recent change to handle USAT ages, caused a problem. Pointed out by Pierre Cantin.
    • When support was added for race|result, it caused a problem for MyLaps. Pointed out by Jake Goldsborough.
  • A number of users were having problem logging into the Direct Athletics/TFRRS Cross-Country reporting system. Jason Kronstat at Direct Athletics made some changes to fix this. Now any RunScore version equal to or later than Version Level 2016.11.28 works on both Windows 7 and Windows 10.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2017.08.29
  • At the request of Jenna Ginsburg, added a control, “No SMS Warning” to entries.ini. This will prevent a pop-up if there is an SMS problem. You would want to use this control if you are sending out SMS messages automatically and don’t want the process interrupted.
  • The support for reading race|result files, added in version only worked for bib tags. Now works for chip tags also. This support should also work when bringing race|result data through the RR Connector and NOT using the RunScore RSBCI control. However, this has not been yet tested.
  • Santiago Sarmiento from Bogota, Colombia reported a problem with the listing files. If you open a *.lst file in the editor, do a “Save As”, and then go back and try to edit the original file, RunScore crashed. This problem was also reported by Jenna Ginsburg. Fixed.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2017.08.21
  • At the request of Adam Shelton have added a new feature to the pre-event. You can now specify if you want a finish time (or split time) ignored if there is no time in the pre-event for a given participant. You specify this in the event dialog.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2017.08.15
  • Greg McCormick reported a  bug introduced to Version that prevented the upload of native results to RunSignUp if there were more than 500 finishers. Fixed.
  • Josh Gerber requested that RunScore support file-load of race|result files. Done. You use Tools/Chip options to tell RunScore if the file contains bib-tags or chip-tags.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2017.07.19
  • After discussion on the RunScore forum and communication with Jon Krupa and Steven Keith, it has been decided to call this new feature a “Pre Event” instead of a “Scratch Event” because of the use of the term scratch at many other places within RunScore.
  • At the suggestion of Jon Krupa, you can chain the pre events. For example, say you set the START event as the pre event for the SWIM-IN event, the SWIM-IN event as the pre event for BIKE-OUT, and the BIKE-OUT as the pre-event for RUN-OUT. Then if a person has an early detection on the RUN-OUT mat, RunScore will check the BIKE-OUT for a time. If it finds one and that time is less than the RUN-OUT time it is rejected. If there is no RUN-OUT time, e.g. if the person missed the RUN-OUT mat, RunScore will see if the RUN-OUT event has a pre event. It does, so it will check there and so on.
  • Discovered that, when searching for a bib number in a “laps” event, and the number being searched for is directly below the active line, it skips that entry and goes to the next one. Fixed.
  • Sylvan Smyth pointed out that when we put the “Done” message back at the bottom of the Listings screen, this caused a problem when doing an auto-run if the Listings screen is closed. Fixed.
  • Jamie Orr pointed out that the dialog box for selecting an online race or event had gotten a lot smaller in Version This was because the same dialog box was used in the new pre-event feature. It seemed too big for that purpose so was made smaller. It is now reverted to its previous size.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2017.07.15
  • Marc Roy, Sportstats, Canada suggested a change to eliminate unwanted reads from a mat/antenna before a race starts. You know how these are caused by a person with the chip/tag wandering around near a finish mat or antenna. You probably already have a scratch event that holds the starting times for all participants. If not, create one. Typically the times are entered using the “Assign Times” command. These times are the nominal starting times. If there is a start mat, the actual times will replace the assigned times as long as they are later than the assigned times. With this new feature, you assign a scratch event, say, SCRATCH to a given event, say, FINISH. Then, any times that are recorded by the FINISH mat which are before that person’s time in the SCRATCH event, are discarded. This can be used for any race but is particularly useful in a triathlon. The first person to test this was Rob Crawford, Sportstats. Here is what he said about this new feature: “It worked good for the few people that crossed early this weekend. I also tested it on another race I had and it worked great! This tool will help a lot and is wonderful to have!”
  • Greg McCormick reported that when using the “Change Event” command implemented in version, the bib number at RunSignUp is removed. This is fixed by RunScore automatically uploading the bib number. If you don’t want the bib number retained, erase it before transferring events.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2017.07.10
  • Greg McCormick requested that he be able to change an entrant’s event in RunScore and have it reflected to that entry at the RunSignUp database. This is implemented so that all you have to do is right-click on the “event name” field and select, from the menu, “Change event”. You’ll be presented with a list of the events so you can pick the new one.
  • Craig Chiger was having phone numbers like “+1 123-456-7890” showing up in the RunSignUp database. The “+1” is the U.S. country code. He wanted a way to eliminate the “+1”. It was suggested that he make the field right-justified and set the length of the field to 12. However, the phone number was truncated at the right. Therefore, a change was made to truncate on the left.
  • Greg McCormick had one event whose results could not be uploaded to RunSignUp. It turns out one First Name field had the & character in it. Tech support at RunSignUp advised us to encode the data so it can handle special characters. That has been done and has solved the problem.
  • Eric Kramer requested that downloads from RunSignUp support corral assignments. Done.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2017.06.19
  • Jon Krupa pointed out that RunScore crashed when using the Total command. Fixed.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2017.06.16
  • Jeremy McAlister pointed out that the “Done” message followed by the name of the listing file was no longer appearing at the bottom, white area of the Listings screen. Fixed.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2017.06.02
  • Ryan Walsh reported that a race he had access to was not showing up in the RunSignUp list of races. It turned out that RunScore was only downloading 250 races names and Ryan had more than that number. The limit is now set to 1000.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2017.05.31
  • Alan Higley pointed out and Steven Keith confirmed that when sending an email to a hard-coded address, as opposed to sending to addresses in a field, that message was ending up in an attachment rather than within the message. The bug was apparently introduced in 2016. Fixed.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2017.05.22
  • Andrés Alañón Vázquez reported that when bringing in J-Chips through the External Timer, if he switched from one event to another, RunScore would crash. Working with Andrés we found and fixed the problem. It was related to changes made in Version to handle RSServer/RSClient interactions.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2017.05.22
  • Clyde Resendez reported that the links on the RunScore main page to www.runscore.com and to RunScore updates were not working. Fixed.
  • Selwyn Blake reported that he could not display Division Total in Announce. Fixed.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2017.05.18
  • Jon Krupa had a complicated set of *.lst files that did not produce the desired set of results. A change was made that fixed the problem and may have fixed some other strange behaviors. It is not possible to say more.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2017.05.11
  • Jenna Ginsberg and Andrés Alañón Vázquez did some testing of the changes to RSClient/RSServer interactions described in Version They found that there were problems when RSClient had an Announcer screen up or when RSClient was displaying Live Results. These problems seem to be fixed but we would appreciate more testing.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2017.05.01
  • Have added a test for “No default printer” at request of Jenna Ginsberg. The fix has not been verified since the error condition of “No default printer” only occurs when there are no printers defined.
  • At the request of several users, have made changes to RSClient so that:
    1. If RSServer is not up, you now get a beep and it keeps trying. The status line at the bottom of the screen informs the user that RSClient is still trying to connect.
    2. If RSServer and RSClient are connected and RSServer is taken down or crashes, the user will hear a beep. The status line, after a few seconds, will display an “Attempt to connect” message. It will keep trying until RSServer comes up again. Note, this even works so that if, when RSServer comes back up, it is working on a different race.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2017.04.25
  • Latest stable release.
  • At request of Steve Stone add counties in a RunSignUp download. This feature was added so that a number of “include” RunSignUp commands could be used in addition to counties: template_participant, corrals, est_finish, corp_teams, registration_addons, coupon_details, registration_notes, checkin_data, waiver_info, usat_waiver_info.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2017.04.21
  • Steve Delahunty and Bill Rosen pointed out that if you select a results screen from the menu and that screen is already open, nothing happens. Now the one you selected comes to the foreground.
  • Steve and Bill also pointed out that if you have file open for editing and you open the same one, you will now have two instances of that file. Fixed so that now if you try to open an already-open file, that file will pop to the foreground.
  • Steven Keith reported that if you open results files using Alt-N more than once. Each screen will be a bit wider than the last one. Fixed.
  • Worked with Brad Pickle and ZapEvent to handle incremental downloads. This was needed when a change was made from registration_id to participant_id.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2017.04.09
  • Steven Keith aka Kei found that the change in Version caused a problem for a race of his so the change was removed. Made change to handle both Kei’s situation and Craig’s.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2017.04.07
  • Craig Chiger has a setup where he keeps his commonly used RSM (RunScore macros) files in a separate directory so that he can use them for all races. RunScore wasn’t handling the path to these files properly. Fixed.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2017.03.27
  • Brad Pickle reported that the switch, in ZapEvent, from registration_id to participant_id as the key id had not been working in RunScore. Fixed.
  • When combining two fields and you want no space between the fields, set “Space (tab) 0” before the “Selected Value” messages. If there are initial spaces in the second or later fields, you would end up with spaces between the fields in the combined field. This is fixed by removing initial spaces before combining.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2017.03.18
  • Ricky Campbell reported that when uploading results that had no time, the pace displayed as a very large number. This can happen, for example when uploading a split and a finish time when the runner has not yet reached the finish line. Fixed.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2017.03.02
  • Andrés Alañón Vázquez reported that when sending out bulk emails, only the first email went out. It turns out a bug was introduced when SendGrid was supported. The SendGrid support was not affected. Fixed.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2017.02.08
  • Craig Chiger pointed out that if downloaded registrations from RunSignUp and then imported new registrations from a csv file, the registration_ids from the initial download were erased. This only happens if you do not have a registration_id field. Whether you have that field or not, the registration_ids should show up at the bottom of the entries screen. Fixed.
  • Added new command “List DNF” at suggestion of Tony Newton. When used, if a participant does not finish a leg of a race, the letters “DNF” are inserted in the time place instead of leaving the time blank, which is the default.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2017.01.14
  • Jenna Ginsburg reported that if an Auto Run/FTP session is running and the Internet connection is lost, error messages pop-up. If they are not cleared, eventually RunScore must be restarted to continue the upload of files. Fixed by not doing a pop-up message. Instead the error message is displayed on the Listing Window status line and a beep is issued.
  • Dennis Joffe wanted to include information about whether an entrant was in the club of the sponsoring organization. It turns out that RunScore was properly processing membership information for USATF membership and USAT membership but not for the generic club. This is now handled by putting the membership_id (club id) in a RunScore field. Once there, you can use a [control] section in entries.ini to, say, put the club name in a field or, say, put an X in a field indicating the participant is a club member.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2017.01.06
  • Ryan Griessmeyer reported that his video/YouTube settings were not uploading to RunSignUp. Turns out his results file was a @ file. The reason why this caused a problem is neither interesting nor informative. Suffice it to say that the problem has been fixed.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2016.12.10
  • Mike Peabody reported that when sending email, if there were no entries satisfying the Select criteria, an email got sent to the last name in the database with the correct Subject and no body. Fixed.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2016.12.08
  • Carl Magnuson and Jon Krupa were having problems with RunScore when the MyLaps Toolkit generated a long location name. It turns out that there was not enough space reserved for a long location. Fixed.
  • Tim Roman reported that if he switched default printers with RunScore open, he had to close RunScore and reopen to use the new default printer. Fixed by Steve Delahunty.
  • Mike Peabody reported that Age-Grade percentage was not rounding the same in Event to Database as in results. The problem was that the rounding was changed in 2015 as requested by Don Lein, USATF Long Distance Running Chair. He pointed out that the runner’s time should be rounded to the next second before doing the age-grade percentage computation. This change was only made in results; not E2D. Fixed.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2016.11.28
  • Latest stable release
  • Steve Delahunty improved times referenced by the MINUS command so that the command can handle more time formats.
  • Made an improvement in Announce so that now you can use the Announce Event feature from RSServer. This allows you to send e-mail results to a finisher shortly after the finisher crosses the finish line.
  • Craig Chiger was having a problem uploading changed registrations to RunSignUp. It only happened if the database did not have a registration_id field (or a field mapped to registration_id) even though it is not required to have such a field. RunScore keeps track of this. Problem fixed.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2016.11.04
  • Fixed a problem in Team Relay. The same team was showing up in the header for each team in results.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2016.11.02
  • Glenn Wolin reported that Division Total in Announce was not working on the RSClient even though it was working on RSServer. Fixed.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2016.10.30
  • Steven Keith found that he couldn’t upload native results to RunSignUp if he had two different categories for one race. For example, in his race called “5K Run/Walk” he could upload the “5K Walk” but couldn’t upload the “5K Run”. He reported that this used to work. With that as a clue, the problem was found and fixed.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2016.10.19
  • Lee Stratman reported that some strange characters were showing up on the results screen when a marker was added to an event in MyLaps Timing and Scoring. Fixed.
  • When Anthony Stroude couldn’t get his RunScore E-mail working through Google or Hotmail, I began a search for a better provider. Bob Bickel, Founder of RunSignUp, offered that we could send E-mail under his contract with SendGrid.  RunSignUp’s contract allows for very large numbers of e-mails, Bob said we could operate under their license for free. SendGrid is different from the other e-mail systems which RunScore supports because it is done through a web API (Application Programming Interface) rather than directly to e-mail. We have found it to be very fast and reliable. To use SendGrid, contact us at support@runscore.com to get a userid and password that will give you access to SendGrid.
  • Bill Teschek found that importing a CSV file using Import Replace, did not replace existing records but created new records. The problem was that RunScore assumed that the bib number was in the first field. This has been changed so that the bib number does not have to be in the first field.
  • You can now send results e-mail from the Announce screen. However, at present this only works from RSServer.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2016.10.06
  • It has always been required that when doing Team Mixed scoring that you need to set the number of displacers equal to the number of finishers. If you didn’t, the results could be weird. This is now enforced. If you don’t have them the same, you will get a pop-up saying they are not the same and they will be forced to be the same.
  • At request of Brad Pickle, in ZapEvent support, changed “registration_id” to “participant_id” since the latter is unique; the former is not.
  • Mark Iverson was scoring a race which had a team called “Unalaska”. RunScore designated the team members as “Unattached” because all it was testing was that the first three characters are “UNA”. Fixed by making the test more robust.
  • Jon Krupa pointed out that when sending a Json report (RunScore Results, TFRRS, etc.) to the editor, it is then not possible to send to the printer without leaving RunScore and coming back in. Fixed.
  • When selecting a RaceRoster race, if a race has the same name for different years, RunScore would often pick the wrong year. Fixed.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2016.09.08
  • Jon Krupa pointed out that if you use Time Format equal to NONE, meaning you don’t want that time to appear, a space occurs in the printed output. That unwanted space has been removed.
  • With cross-country season approaching, the TFRRS sample races have been added to the update distribution.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2016.08.31
  • Jenna Ginsburg requested that the lower logo on an Announce label appear directly under the last line of print instead of at the bottom of the label. Done.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2016.08.20
  • Jenna Ginsburg reported that when printing output from Announce on a label printer, some of the text is lost if the bottom logo is included. Fixed.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2016.08.19
  • It was not possible to use the Rate command with a Race Roster custom report. Fixed.
  • Jon Krupa asked that a line of text used with the “,ce” command be trimmed so that terminating blanks would not be used in the centering operation. Done.
  • At request of Robbie Wilder, the Tacstats command can now be used in a custom report. For example, this allows you to report who exceeded the USATF performance standards or who qualified for the Boston Marathon.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2016.07.20
  • When using registration site Race Roster, the events were not sorting by date as they should. Fixed.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2016.07.16
  • A bug was introduced in Version Level 2016.07.15 that kept a new race from being selected when using RunSignUp. Fixed.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2016.07.15
  • Made a change at request of Bill Teschek and Steve Delahunty to allow the race folder to be in a DropBox folder when working with Steve’s interface.
  • A change was made in the RaceRoster interface allowing a very large number of events. It had been limited to 50.
  • At request of Jenna Ginsburg, make handling of logos for Announce easier. Now you don’t have to put the logo in the Client folder. RunScore will copy the logo(s) from RSServer and place it in RSClient.
  • Discovered that setting the IP address and TCP from the command line of RSClient didn’t work. Fixed.
  • Steve Stone reported that when doing team scoring on a field and sorting up, the teams sorted backwards. Fixed.
  • At request of Steve Delahunty, removed fix from Version for Bill Teschek to handle a race folder in DropBox.
  • A change to their firewall was made at Active Works that prevented RunScore from communicating with Active Works. The problem, however, was not at Active Works but was in RunScore. That is, a very small one-character change in RunScore made the problem go away.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2016.06.30
  • Can now upload custom results to RaceRoster. Operates the same as with ChronoTrack Live and RunSignUp.
  • Increased the number of races that RaceRoster can access. Was 25; now unlimited.
  • Shakeel Noorali pointed out a problem with the RunScore Open Interface. The incoming string of data was limited to 30 characters. Made much larger.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2016.06.11
  • Working with Bill Teschek, changed location of RSClient temporary files from the race folder to the RunScore folder. This avoids a problem when the race folder is in a DropBox folder.
  • At request of Jenna Ginsburg, add support for custom questions when downloading from Active Works.
  • Found that when uploading new and modified registrations to RunSignUp via a listing file, the last-upload-date-time gets reset so that the next incremental download downloads all registrations. Fixed.
  • Increased the number of events that can be displayed with RaceRoster from 25 to 100.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2016.06.04
  • Jim Clark pointed out that the Time Machine did not work in the “Event(TM)” mode. That is, if selecting “Event(TM)”, the bibs and times should go into the event as set by the Time Machine Event. This apparently stopped working when we changed the Event selection from “Event” to “Event(TM)”. Fixed
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2016.06.01
  • With help from Steven Keith, made improvements in the upload of registrations to RunSignUp. Is now much more robust.
  • Working with Selwyn Blake, have made a lot of improvements to the Announce feature. You can now display, in addition to the Division (e.g.DIV or SEX) Place, Division total which shows the total number of finishers, who have finished thus far in the specified division.
  • Here is an Announce Screen example generated by Selwyn.
  • You can include two logos in a tag printed on a label printer — one at the top and one at the bottom. The logos must be PNG files.
  • Here is a Finisher Tag example produced by Selwyn’s label printer.
  • The Announce section in Help has been greatly expanded to explain the new capabilities.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2016.05.21
  • At request of RaceRoster, remove implementation of placeholders when uploading results. They will manage the fields at their end.
  • Steven Keith found that custom questions in RunSignUp were not uploading from RunScore to RunSignUp when doing a registration upload. Fixed.
  • At request of Selwyn Blake, added Pace to Announcer screen. He also pointed out that when using the Message command, sometimes part of those commands were overwritten by the data on the same line. Fixed. Also, fixed a number of other small problems with Announce.
  • At request of Bill Teschek, increase the levels of Listings file priority from 5 to 9.
  • Adam Shelton requested that “Import replace” be added to the File menu selections. “Import Replace” is like import but with the extra feature that if the bib number is the same as a bib number already in the database, it will replace the record of the one in the database. Otherwise, it will append the record as is done with File/Import. This capability has been present as a command; Adam wanted it also available as a menu item to make it easier selecting the file to be imported.
  • We are now using a newer version of “Help and Manual” to produce the help screens. You will notice small formatting differences.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2016.05.11
  • At request of Enrique Belchi Ruis, we have added a new command Pack Time to assign the time of the leader of a pack to all riders in the pack in a cycling race.
  • The new command Pack Time can also be used in an Event to Database listing to insert the Pack Time to a field.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2016.04.30
  • With testing help from Pedro Zapata, have added SendinBlue to SMS systems supported by RunScore. SMS messages through SendinBlue costs only $0.0134 per text. The complete list of supported SMS system: BulkSMS, SendinBlue, TextingForward, Twilio, UpcellText.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2016.04.26
  • Latest stable release
  • We used to plug Mandrill for sending e-mail messages from RunScore. But now Mandrill, which is owned by MailChimp, is changing their business model. They are now requiring that you have a paid MailChimp account in order to use Mandrill. Pedro Zapata, RunScore customer from Puerto Rico, has shown us that you can use SendinBlue just like you used to use Manddrill. It is very easy to setup. Read the Help section on e-mail. SendinBlue allows you to send up to 300 free e-mails a day and up to 9,000 a month. If you need to send more, there are reasonably-priced options available.
  • Upgraded to latest version of Help and Manual, the program we use to generate the Help screens. The only thing you will notice is a nice looking header at the top of each topic.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2016.04.25
  • Steven Keith pointed out that the new Browse feature (Version was not working in RSClient. Fixed.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2016.04.24
  • Jason Gooding reported that the “Auto Run” selection does not show up with a right-click on a listings file name. It turns out, this was not implemented for ChronoTrack Live, RaceRoster, or RTRT. Fixed.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2016.04.23
  • Andrés Alañón Vázquez from Spain, reported that RSClient was crashing when first invoked. We could not reproduce the problem so sent him a special version with debug statements. Fixed.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2016.04.10
  • Steven Finkelstein pointed out that a date field lost its internal format (YYYYMMDD) after running the “Update All Entries” command. That particular internal format is uses so that dates sort properly. Problem fixed. This brought up several issues debated with Steven and Steven Keith as to how to do searches on a date field. It used to be that to search for, say, date-of-birth (DOB) after a certain date, you had to use the YYYYMMDD format in the command. Now you can use the date format that the race is using. For example:
Select              DOB
GE                  01/15/1965
  • You can use the “Contains” command with a date field. For example, if you want to find everyone born on January 15, you would use:
Select              DOB
Contains            0115
  • The BY command, when not used with any Select commands, produced results in upper case. Also, a BY on a date field showed the dates in YYYYMMDD format. This is now changed to show the fields as they appear on your Enter/Edit screen, e,g, 01/15/2012.
  • Liz Dreher pointed out that when selecting from All races in RunSignUp, the races in the dialog box are no longer sorted by date. Fixed.
  • At request of Steven Keith, make improvement to Browse. Now if you click on a header field in order to sort on that field, the same field will be used for the search feature at the bottom of the screen.
  • Pat Leone reported that the total time in Team Relay was not formatting according to the Time Format command. Fixed.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2016.04.06
  • Uploads of results to RunSignUp are now sent in blocks of 500. Before doing this, a very large upload of results could stall and not run to completion.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2016.04.05
  • Steven Keith found a problem uploading multiple results via “Incremental Run”. Fixed.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2016.04.04
There are a number of significant improvements in this version.
  • Steven Keith helped a lot with suggestions and testing of the following enhancements.
  • Improvements have been made for incremental uploads of results. You can take a listing file that uploads results (RunSignUp, ChronoTrack Live, or Race Roster) and turn it into an incremental upload listings by right-clicking on it and selecting “Incremental Run”. Note that “Incremental Run” will not work on a @ file.
  • A new “Auto Run” feature has been added. Again, if you right-click on a listing, you will be given a chance to pick how often the listing file will run. You can turn “Auto Run” off by selecting the listing again and turning “Auto Run” off. Note that this auto run is far easier to turn on and turn off than the one invoked from within a file.
  • People have been asking for years for an auto run that can handle more than one auto run at a time. This one can.
  • You can have multiple “Incremental Run” listings running and multiple “Auto Run” listings running at the same time. “Auto Run” will work on @ files.
  • You could use this capability to have incremental updates run, say, every 10 seconds and then do a full update using “Auto Run” every 5 minutes to move any local changes to the online site.
  • At request of Jon Krupa, make an improvement in mappings for the various registration sites. If you have a mapping to a field that doesn’t exist in your race setup, that mapping is removed. This can avoid some problems.
  • Fixed a problem in RunSignUp support for how RunScore handles the event name mapping. Before the fix, there did not seem to create problems — just wanted to avoid future problems.
  • At the request of Selwyn Blake, we have created a way to send results of @ listings to a file. This is done by adding two “Super commands”, “Destination” and “Output format” into @ files. These are not really new commands; it is just that they can now be used within a @ file to control the output. Selwyn used these new features to send JSON output to a file which he then sends to his web site. He has written code that takes the JSON format and produces web output. After producing the JSON report, he uses RunScore’s FTP capability to upload to his web site. Here are two examples that take JSON directly from RunScore to his site with no involvement by RunSignUp.

Without Team Scoring


Click on “5k Awards” to see the result of an awards listing producing JSON output followed by rendering by Selwyn’s code.

With Team Scoring


(You’ll have to click on the “Climber Team Awards” to see the team results.)

To show how versatile this capability is, here is an age-graded team result that I uploaded to RunSignUp. The JSON is similar in Selwyn’s and my reports but the formatting at the web is very different.


Selwyn has generously offered to share his code that processes the JSON file. It is written in HTML5/JavaScript/JSON. It would be easy to change to HTML5/PHP/JSON as needed. You can contact him at sblake4@sc.rr.com.

RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2016.03.14
  • Steven Keith had a race where some RunScore Results (right-click: RunScore Results to –> Online) were not uploading. Fixed. Also added error checking to notify a user of problems with RunScore Results uploading).
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2016.03.11
  • Stephen Keith and Craig Chiger reported lots of bogus errors on uploading to RunSignUp. This only happened in certain situations. Fixed.
  • Made a change to RSClient so that it does not crash (in most instances) when RSServer shuts down. Makes for easy restart by just reconnecting when RSServer comes back up.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2016.03.04
  • Left some under-development copy and paste results menu items in that have not yet been implemented. Removed.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2016.03.03
  • At request of Marek Blazek, Czech Republic, RunScore now supports Unicode data in its BulkSMS feature. This allows the use of characters with diacritical marks which are used in many languages.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2016.03.01
  • Some timers might not like to display negative times (see Version so it is now an option. The default is to not show them but to show blanks in place of the times. If you do want to see negative times, use the control: “Show Negative Times” in the *.lst file.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2016.03.01
  • Working with Steven Keith, have made changes in the way problems in splits are displayed. Formerly, if a split ended up with a negative time due to a bad time or a runner leaving a timing point too soon, the time was blanked out. Now the time is shown as a negative time. This gives you more information allowing you to fix the problem — or disqualify an individual or team. The changes are in “normal” listings used for triathlons and in the Team Relay feature.
  • If a time is missing at a timing point, the time will be displayed as a blank. Not only that, the previous split and the next split will be blank since the time from that point is needed to compute the splits. This will pop out to you allowing you to fix the problem or issue a DQ. This is not a change but we are listing it here to highlight the difference between a missing time and an incorrect time.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2016.02.23
  • At request of Jason Kornetsky, have added a feature to Live Results so you can place your own message at the bottom of the screen to replace the default message of “Results provided by RunScore.” Use “Live Results Msg” command to compose your own message.
  • Improvements have been made to the upload of incremental results to RunSignUp using RunSignUp’s “Native” methods. That is, this does not use RunScore Results methods. It just gives you one more way to upload incremental results.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2016.02.21
  • Troy Rebert found when downloading team members from RunSignUp, if all members of a team had the same bib number, only one member showed up in RunScore. This was because RunScore assumes that the bib number is always unique. When it sees a bib number in a downloaded registration, it checks if that bib number already exists. If so, it replaces the earlier version of the registration. But Troy had marked the bib number field to NOT be unique. A change was made so that RunScore only does the bib number check if the bib number field is a unique field.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2016.02.18
  • When downloading registrations, sometimes a null character would get into a field. Normally this is not a problem but can cause strange behavior when updating registrations.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2016.02.17
  • Support for SMS provider BulkSMS for texting was implemented at the request of Marek Blazek from the Czech Republic. Done. BulkSMS has coverage in most countries. There are now four SMS providers supported. This support allows you to send text messages to a finisher seconds after crossing the finish line. See the SMS section of Help for details.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2016.02.15
  • Improvements have been made to the uploading of registrations to RunSignUp feature in Version
  • When searching for a given record number in Browse, the record returned was always off by one. Fixed.
  • Chuck Sellers found a problem in uploading results to RunSignUp. (Not RunScore Results but “native” results.) Fixed.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2016.02.10
  • Jim Oaks reported that if he has the Enter/Edit screen open in RSServer at the same time that he has one or more RSClients attached and checks on the attached clients (Misc/Display Active Clients), RSServer crashes. Fixed.
  • Steve Stone asked for a new capability when uploading registrations to RunSignUp. The way it has been working is if one or more of the registrations has an error such as an invalid address (e.g. bad ZIP code or bad state abbreviation), the entire upload is aborted. The validation is done in RunSignUp. When an error occurs, RunSignUp reports which records have a problem. RunScore now uses that information to remove those records from the upload and uploads the remaining good records.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2016.02.05
  • With help from Jon Krupa and Carl Magnuson, have improved the gathering of gun times (Markers) from MyLaps Timing and Scoring application. The gun times are still available from the Misc menu.
  • New user Adam Shelton pointed out that a start time exported has an extra 0.01 seconds added to each time. Fixed.
  • Pat Leone requested a feature to allow the team position (place) for each finisher. That is, each finisher can have their team’s place next to their name. This feature is called TEAM POSITION. Also at Pat Leone’s request, the Team Position has been added to Event To Database.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2016.01.31
  • Autumn Hayes reported a problem with RSClient when RSServer and RSClient are on different computers. It turns out that, very rarely, (one chance in 1024), depending on the total number of characters in all the file names on the listing screen, the problem can arise. The source of the problem has been found and fixed by changing the way the stream of file names are terminated. Therefore, you must update both RSServer and RSClient. If you only update RSServer, you will be presented with an error message when you try to connect RSClient to RSServer. If this happens, make sure your RSServer and RSClient at at the same version level. We appreciate Autumn sending us a failing example so we could reproduce the problem.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2016.01.29
  • At request of Steven Keith and a few others, have added time-of-day to the simulation feature. You can now specify the time-of-day at which you want the times to begin. Most chip/tag races use time-of-day timing so this allows you to simulate more closely the race-day situation.
  • At the request of Steven Finkelstein, have added the capability of downloading teams in ChronoTrack Live. The team names and other information will be in a separate database from the team members.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2016.01.23
  • Latest stable release
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2016.01.23
  • Steve Stone pointed out that if he assigned bibs in RunScore, the changed records did not get flagged as changed so did not get uploaded to RunSignUp. Fixed.
  • Changed upload blocksize for RTRT uploads from 2000 to 500 to make the uploads more reliable.
  • The ability to concatenate two fields with no space between them was not working. Fixed.
  • Fixed some problems in Race Roster support.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2016.01.15
  • When opening a file from within RunScore, the file types *.lst, *.rsm, *.txt are provided. Have added *.ini.
  • Made further improvements to RunScore Results.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2016.01.14
  • Made improvements to RunScore/RunSignUp (RunScore Results) integration when creating a race from RunScore and uploading registrations.
  • Updated the Sample races with new field “Name” which is the concatenation of “First Name” and “Last Name”. Makes listing simpler and allows uploading of “Name” to results as one field.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2016.01.11
  • Natalie Young pointed out that if she created a race series in RunSignUp that started in 2015 and finished in 2016, only the 2015 events could be downloaded. Fixed.
RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2015.12.11
  • Discovered if a person is using the feature to combine first and last name into a new field, typically called, “Name”, and is also using the Modified Field capability, all records will be designated as modified upon an update even if no fields were changed. Fixed.
  • Have provided a way to access the test site at RunSignUp for testing before taking a race “live.” Just add the following line in entries.ini:
Test site